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This is the web page for Richard Lassiter's English 101 and 102 classes.
This page is going to be a portal for everything we do in class so keep your eyes here.
Located just below are the schedule and syllabus, I will also be sending out notices
from this page so keep watch.

At the bottom is a discussion board for each class, you will get the password for you
section on the first day of class.


Class Updates

Welcome to English 101 or 102, which ever you're in

Posted:2008-04-30 12:21:46

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You Tube videos
One more, if you don't watch the office you should on Thursdays 9:00pm To start our here are some videos that you should enjoy before the work begins.

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Class Disscusion Boards

English 101 Section2
English 101 Section 1
English 102